Proposed themes and formats

1. Women’s Leadership: My Journey: Confidence Gained; Confidence Given

Duration: 20-25 minutes

Format: Keynote speech laced with personal anecdotes that highlight three basic truths:

  • Confidence is the #1 pre-requisite for success in life
  • Woman by nature is a natural leader
  • It’s the ordinary in life that makes it extraordinary
2. An American Campaign: Politics: Up Close and Personal

Duration: 1 hour

Format: Case study of Joe Biden’s improbable victory in the race for U.S. Senate; PowerPoint presentation and informal remarks. Covers elements such as:

  • What it takes to run a political campaign
  • Personal anecdotes
  • The principles of “practical politics”
3. Confidence Acquired through Learned Strategies and Skills: The New Executive Presence for Women

Duration: 1.5 hours

Format: Interactive session with full audience participation, supported by video and informal dialogue will be used to convey:

  • Powerful secrets to kick up confidence, career, and cache
  • How to integrate subtle non-verbal communication skills into professional and personal interactions
4. The Art and Science of Political Ads: Behind the Screen – 9 Principles of TV Political Ads

Duration: 1 hour

Format: Case study and informal dialogue. Includes discussion and analysis of:

  • Moments of crisis and/or opportunity confronted by specific campaigns
  • Actual TV ads aired
  • Paid media messaging strategies
5. Confidence at the Table: Earn your seat at the Conference Table – Navigate the Dining Table

Duration: 2 hours per session

Format: Two-part training seminar consisting of interactive sessions with vignettes supported by experiential learning to master the “Tables” with poise, purpose and power.

  • Learn tactics to ensure that every time you take your seat at a conference table, you bring your best to bear.
  • Master the art of dining (American, Continental and Asian) while projecting authority at the table.